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Michaela Yearwood-Dan

About the Artist

Michaela Yearwood-Dan (b. 1994) a contemporary British artist completing her BA in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, before residing back in London Yearwood-Dan Often depicting a variety of topics based on observations of society. The works tend to explore the themes of class, culture/race, gender and nature and in later more current works love, loss and self reflection all whilst remaining playful, personal and vibrant.
Born to West Indian parents, Yearwood-Dan’s Caribbean heritage alongside her British nationality considerably comes into play within her practice; from both a visibly aesthetic view point as well as from the way she goes about sourcing imagery; through old family and cultural archives as well as videography. Working predominately with paint and collage, Yearwood-Dan’s art is habitually thick and sumptuous with references to both the origins of traditional Fine Art and pop culture; including images of late night food spots, botanical influences and a personalised narrative dialogue.
Today, Michaela is currently residing at the Sarabande: Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation in London. Here, she started experimenting with technology with her series “​Love Letters to Siri,​” exploring its connection to feelings and art practices. In these works, the artist reaches into places of venerability drawing inspiration from the diary style musings that bombard her iPhone ‘notes’. Relaying buried feelings of confusion, hate, loss, love and hope relating to pivotal moments and times in her life they are embedded within a stereotypically feminine palate of erratic mark makings and botanical suggestions. At the end of each piece, the artists would also ask a personal question to Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, as an associate to the work.
Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s work is in continuous metamorphosis as it is highly expressive and dependent on her own identity and vision of life, as a young British artist.

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