Perfect Adventures - The Edit Gallery
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Perfect Adventures

18 October – 16 November 2019

Alec Cumming’s diverse and energetic painting practice resist easy characterization. His work features complicatedly structured compositions that meticulously mix abstract elements with distinguishable figurative elements. This stylistic multiplicity grows out of Cumming’s adventures. Having spent several years working in India as well as constantly traveling, he draws inspiration from his experiences and from observing the world, which he then translates into a visual dialogue.


The exhibition ‘Perfect Adventures’, introduces a new body of Alec Cumming’s vibrant works, where he continues to explore the idea of moments. Deftly combining representation and abstraction, the artist focuses on his recent adventures and on materials gathered while in India, Spain, California and Cyprus. The broad visual stimulus discovered in his escapades is translated into a ‘pan global’ vocabulary of symbols and shapes. What he manages to ‘catch’ in a blink of an eye. “That funny thing the brain does when it captures something pleasing and pleasurable which invites the eyes to linger for a momentThe sort of chemical reaction in the brain which cause it to focus in on a point that consciously or sub consciously satisfies us.”


All these perfect moments in which the real and the imagined intersect spontaneously, form a narrative that the artist invites the viewer to discover. The artworks seem to be both contemplative and interactive, as Cumming instigates fresh conversations between artist and viewer, world and image, object and impression.



Selected images