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Single’s Party

19 May – 22 June 2019

Stella Kapezanou is a Greek visual artist composing complex, ironic, colourful and often bizarre paintings which draw their inspiration from capitalistic western societies and materialistic lifestyles. Her work focuses on the complexity of the human subject and human emotions in our modern society and highlights the emotional disconnect we have from the world that we have created and now live in.


In the exhibition ‘Single’s Party’, Stella Kapezanou explores the concept of human affairs. The way that people interact and relate to each other, their relationship with objects as well as the very absence of connection. ‘My subjects don’t quite intersect; they’re just strange people playing in a fake world’. Central to these paintings is a subtle irony and a profound questioning of our place within contemporary society, the strength of our grip on the tangible and, conversely, the force with which the intangible exerts a hold over us.


Together, the works build upon complex narratives about connection, perception and representation. Her simultaneously bold, eccentric, exhibitionist, and introspective characters assume dual roles of subject and object, complicating the position of viewership. Also, the way they interact with each other raises questions on their sexuality which is left deliberately ambiguous. With titles such as ‘Penelope’s wait’ (2017), ‘After Stealing the Apples’ (2019) and ‘Garden of Eden’ (2018) as well as references to iconic artworks from western art history, the paintings are filled with thought-provoking messages about the world today.


Juggling between abstraction and realism, and employing an explosive colour palette, the paintings present the same allure and playful style of advertising and branding. The works are too picture perfect with surrealistically patterned backgrounds and scenes that in most cases could never quite occur. Stella Kapezanou manages to conjure profoundly intriguing and rich works of art that invite the viewers to rethink the reality they live in and maybe revisit another version of it portrayed in the rich narrative of the works.



Selected images