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The Music That Happens

11 March – 11 April 2020

This March, the Edit Gallery presents for the first time a solo show by Athens-based contemporary artist Philippos Theodorides. The Music that happens will bring together a new collection of Theodorides’ abstract paintings following his latest exhibition at the Zoumboulakis Gallery in Athens.


Philippos Theodorides’ new body of work is interconnected with rhythm, both in the concept of repetition as well as in the wider sense of the musicality that governs them. His paintings are characterized by an intense expressionistic approach, where gestures and compositions are guided by the artist’s instinctive and spontaneous creativity.


In the exhibition The Music That Happens, the chaos of improvisation and the order of the man-made environment manage to coexist through their own adversative rhythm. The artworks are evidently denser and more intense than the artist’s previous works, emitting maturity and confidence, but not complacency. Geometric forms, abstract volumes, beautifully executed textures and sharp shapes create a condensed aesthetic continuum, where time, space and matter lose their in between hierarchical relation in order to be reconstituted by the artist at the pace that he perceives them.


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Selected images