How Art Can Enhance Your Space


Art plays an important role in a space. It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of both homes and offices and provide numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons why you might consider incorporating art into your home or office:

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Living x The Edit Gallery


The Edit Gallery expands its walls by collaborating with one of the most renowned furniture stores in Cyprus. You can now view a selection of artworks from our artist roster exclusively at Living Limassol. 

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NFTs – Disrupting the Art World


Non – Fungible Tokens took the artworld by storm! Over the past few months, the headlines on NFTs have been rapidly increasing because crypto-art fans have been spending astronomical amounts on NFT artworks.

NFTs – Disrupting the Art World2022-09-06T11:12:26+02:00

The Value of Art in Commercial Real Estate


At a time where many cities are booming with luxury developments, new projects must go above and beyond to gain an edge over the competition and stand out. A popular method used to achieve this is by aligning themselves with art!

The Value of Art in Commercial Real Estate2023-01-27T14:43:22+02:00

#spotlight on Alec Cumming


Upon the occasion of the artist’s exhibition ‘Perfect Adventures’, Elena Ioannidou, the gallery curator, and Alec Cumming shared an intimate conversation, shedding light on Cumming’s artistic influences, inspiration and ultimately, narrative.

#spotlight on Alec Cumming2023-01-27T14:45:16+02:00
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