Offsite Group Exhibition –  Vol.1


@ Living Limassol

Offsite Group Exhibition

Contemporary Compilation Vol.1

@Living Limassol

Within the unique environment of Living Limassol, the carefully curated selection of artworks seamlessly integrates with the surrounding furniture and decor, blurring the boundaries between artistic creation and the living space it inhabits. This immersive experience creates a captivating dialogue between art, design, and everyday life.

Contemporary Compilation Vol.1, the inaugural edition of a series of offsite exhibitions, is presented by the Edit Gallery in collaboration with ‘Living Limassol.’ This dynamic showcase, hosted within the immersive space of Living Limassol, a renowned furniture store, brings together a diverse mix of international and Cypriot contemporary artists. By merging art and design, Contemporary Compilation Vol.1 offers an exciting exploration of aesthetic innovation, functionality, and artistic expression.

As the first installment of an ongoing series, Contemporary Compilation Vol.1 sets the stage for future exhibitions that will continue to push the boundaries of creativity. This collaborative endeavor between the Edit Gallery and Living Limassol signifies a commitment to promoting and celebrating the intersection of art and design outside the conventional setting of an art gallery.

Selected Artworks